Design Home is the brand new simulation game. It is created by crowdstar. It is the best game for those who like home decorating and interiors decorating. In it, you have to buy the decorating materials according to your own choice to decorate your home. It is available for Android and IOS users. If you want to do the perfect house decorating, then you must stay within your budget and spent the in-game currency wisely. The game also helps in real life experiences as by playing it on a regular basis you get the different ideas about home decorating.


Tips and Strategies


  • Spend the Currency Wisely

It means you should spend the in-game currency more wisely and efficiently so by getting Design Home Cheats . You should use the currency that earned by playing the game in an important and good home decorating stuff. You must purchase the most necessary things at one time as it helps in saving your earnings. The in-game currency is of three types namely:


  • Diamonds
  • Dollars
  • Keys


  • Remember the Theme

It is the best way to decorate your house more beautiful. The design challenges in the game have their primary theme. If you want to create something modern, new and impressive, then you must keep the theme in the mind while decorating the house. You should do less use of heavy leather items to make the best house designs. To earn more rewards and in-game currency in the game it is very important to avoid fancy looking items.


  • Play Design Home on Regular Basis

In this, you get the keys and rewards by playing the game more and more times as possible. It is not that much easy as in starting to earn the in-game currency. You also earn the rewards or currency by login the game daily.

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