Well, among all puzzle games, one of the best most popular is Merge Dragons. Gram Games Limited creates it, and its size is almost 94 MB. It is the best puzzle game, and in it, players have to match and solve puzzles to go further in it. The players of Merge Dragons also experience the best puzzle gaming experience as it provides more than over 500 different objects in the game. Another crucial thing about the game is that in it, players are provided with in-app purchases.

In-app purchases are the best option to deal with. With the help of it, you can buy anything, which is present in the game by your real-life money. Not only is this, but you can also make use of Merge Dragons Cheats to play the game according to your choice and comfort level. Players can easily earn a good amount of gems and coins by cheats; they can unlock the various level and puzzles by using cheats and many more tasks also.

Spend the hard-earned in-game currency carefully

It means that in Merge Dragons, you need to do more focus on the in-game currency that you earned. The in-game currency, which you earn by fair methods like by playing the game and by completing different puzzles, must be spent wisely. Players should only spend the earned in-game currency on useful things or on the things, which are more important to them. It is the best method to go far in Merge Dragons and by saving a good amount of currency in Merge Dragons.


Briefly, playing Merge Dragons is an easier process but going far in it is a little difficult task to deal with. One needs to understand all the basic things about it. For going far in the game without putting efforts, one needs to make use of Merge Dragons Cheats.


Nowadays people are attaching more and more with strategy based games. Similarly, if you are exploring the best strategy based game, then you should simply choose the option of Mafia City. People stuck in the complications in the beginning that how to play the game. However, after checking out the tutorial of the game, you can easily start playing the game perfectly. Mafia City Hack would be the great source from which players can attain unlimited currency of the game. In this article, you will read some of the most vital aspects related to the game that you would be really supportive of you.

How to farm in-game?

Players just need to start the game by creating the farm account quickly so this would be really important because if you have the account, then it would be really supportive for you to collect the currency and other resources. In addition to this, for creating the farm account, make sure you must have the Facebook (social networking account) or any Google Play account if you are playing the game on the Android. It will make everything possible once you create the farm account because after that players are eligible to do farming.

How to be the best in the game?

If you want to gain more and more success in the game, then you must understand the rules and regulation of the game. After that, pay attention to the experience level of the account. When you start playing with your farm account, then it will automatically add the XP so you should pay attention to it always. Even there are lots of things that are upgradable, and some are non-upgradable so try to save the currency of the useful items that you want to upgrade in the future.


We are active in many online activities, and most the youths are passionate about action battles game. Today the most amazing game is Fortnite, and it is based on survival action. The player will enjoy much because in which various attractive elements are used.  The gameplay is very easy, and controls of the game are very high responsive. The game does not take much time for familiar, and millions of online players are spending time on it.  If you are facing any obstacle while playing, then you can log in on Fortnite hack 2019. Such a hack is safe to use, and it does not breach any policy of game.

The game comes with many attractive features, and all are also helpful for understand well about the storyline. In which you can enable many different locations for expanding the gameplay. Here we discuss the three features about the Fortnite.

Multiplayer mode

Multiplayer mode of the game is remarkable, and you can take help with your friends. In which you can play with friends and invite them for playing. In such mode, you have to log in with social media account for easily connected with friends. In the game around thousand of online player also present for playing.

High defined visual display

The display and the theme of the game are elegant. The player will get the realistic gaming experience by the user interface. You can see the clarity and sharpness of every object. The lighting effects and high sound are enough for grabbing attention.

Easy navigation controls

The smooth controls of the game give the finest playing, and you can also adjust many things according to connivance. Most of the players are adding new tools by Fortnite hack and expanding the gameplay. Such things do not take much time for adjustable with you.


Games are an excellent source of gaining new things, and they play important role in our society. The craziness of mobile games is increased day by day. Mobile games come with many kinds of different game contents. Many people are playing several types of games. If you are also looking for a game, then you can download the World War Rising. It is the adventures gifts for who like the actions sequences and fights.

Everyone knows emergencies in the time of world war, and the game is based on the same. With some changes, the makers make the game as same as war. Everyone easily indulges in the game and within some time become the master of it. Before playing the game, we have to view some features of the game.

Easy Gameplay

If you are playing other war based game, then you will very quickly understand the game. Beginners may be facing little problems, but after starting, they can play well. The storyline of the game is very easy and in which you will face many of fights and task. You have to safe his base station and area, and it is not an easy task. All the enemies’ forces will try to destroy your base stations and camps. We can also read the brief story of the game on the starting page.

Use many weapons

In which you can use various weapons, and they all are very easy to use. But before using them, you have to know how to load the large guns. On the battlefield, we have not so much time to learn gun mechanism. Big missiles are also the part of army base stations, and we can also use them for protection to attacks. In spite of loading guns, you can use other guns while fighting on the battle arena by trying World War Rising Hack. Several types of weapons equipped vehicles are also given the protection when commandos are on patrolling.

We play a mobile game for fun and enjoyments. In recent times various types of mobile games give the advantage to make money. We work for many things, but the most important is money. Youths are fascinating about mobile games. Games are very finest tool for removing the stress out of mind. While playing a game we reach on the virtual life, and they divert our mind in other directions. If you are looking for new games, then you can check Covet Fashion. It depends on the online fashion store. In which you can buy many things and add in your collection store. You can get it from the android store, and it is free of cost.

You can easily get the currency by following the steps.

Daily login

If you want to get a massive amount of currency, then you should log in daily. In the game, you can see various challenges events. Some of them are daily challenges, and you can join it for making money. You can also get some free points through Covet Fashion Hack 2019. It does not require any additional information simply log in with game ID and get enough amount of currency.

Share the game with friends

Every game wants many users, so they use some lucrative activities. In which you only share the game app with your friends. If your friends click on the link and install on the mobile, you will get some amount of currency.

By following promotional events

In the game, you can see the various types of promotional events. You need to participate in it and always active for it. When you complete events you get a handsome amount of rewards points. you can use them for opening many items in the game




We enjoy mobile games in daily life games provide us some learning experience. The content of a game is a very important part of any game. The best content makes the game very popular. Sports games are full of valuable things, these really affect our life. Football Strike is a fantastic game that gives you real gaming experience. You feel the ambient of the stadium in your home. Big challenges make your thinking more clear. For earning the currency you have to learn tactics, the second options for currency are Football Strike Hack. Football Strike is easily available on the android store.

Game theme

There are several types of massive stadiums with stunning design. In night mode of Football Strike, you attract with bright full lights, and these lights enhance the clarity of objects. The stadium is full of a crowd with some hooting sounds that will give some realistic experience.


Football Strike provides you the multiplayer option, you can just log in, and this options blink on display, tab and start playing. In multiplayer mode along with play, you can chat with your friends. Connect with your Facebook friends or other online users.

Different Game Modes

Three different game modes are mainly used in Football Strike. Free kick mode, shooting mode, career mode, and these all modes help you for gaining some cash and coins. You do not make the team for this mode because these modes you can play single. Before the start, you have to know the tasks complete that why you need some tutorial and some free coins. Football Strike hack defiantly help you for moving forward in this game.

Choose your sports items

In this game, you can collect some sports items like balls,  football shoes, iconic T-shirts, sports begs and many more. For using these items, you can customize your football player. Some fitness items you also collect. On beginning Football Strike provide one sports beg, and this beg full of sports wears. You get these items by completing tasks.







Business- it is a very typical activity which cannot easily get handled. It takes a lot of efforts and time to build the business and take it to the heights. If you are one of them who are running a new business and want to make it famous, then you can take help from your Facebook profile. With the help of your Facebook profile you can easily get to know that how you can take your business at the heights with the help of your Facebook profile. You can even check out also that who viewed my facebook profile and by the help of getting it to know you can easily decide that how you can make this job happen.

Make a perfect profile

If you make your profile attractive which will be loved by everyone, then it will definitely lead to bring out benefits for your business also. When you get numbers of people who follow your account, then it will help the people to come towards your business also. You can post about your business which will let the people know about your brand and business so that they will also try it.

Updates about business

You should update the people for your business on your profile so that people will watch it and by this means it will help you to increase your business. Slowly by the time, you will get famous, and your business will also get positive effects because of it.

Specific timing

There is no doubt in it that posting for your business on your Facebook profile is not bad. In fact, it will help you to make your business more popular among people. But one thing you should remember and that is the timing of posting. You should post within a regular gap of time so that it will not let the people feel bored for your post and business.

If you want to know that who viewed my facebook profile, then you can use different tool also to get to know about it.

Are you looking some professional tips for playing matchington mansion? If so then today we will give you some secret tips. Before the tips, you need to know about the necessary information about the game because it is useful to enchase your performance. It is a puzzle based platform which allows you to do unlimited fun with friends and other players. Here some challenges and events are available which are essential for enchasing real life skills. It is also useful to utilize spare time and give happiness to own self.

Incredible tips-

Every player needs some tactics to enchase the performance and level. Nowadays professional payers also use some tips to maintain their performance and winning chances. If you want to know about those tips, then read the article.

  1. Save your moves-

Here the moves are a special part of matchington mansion to complete every puzzle. IN it the company will give different amount of moves in various challenges. These moves are the central part of the game because if you have not enough amounts of moves, then you are not able to complete tasks. If you use minimum moves in the tasks, then you will get lots of rewards. So always try to save the moves at the time of playing.

  1. Get information about power up-

There are different kinds of power-ups are available like Firecracker, Rainbow and many more also by getting Matchington Mansion Hack. You can get it via fixing the tiles. As per you match the tiles with them you will get some power-ups. For example- If you match the five tiles with them you will get rainbow power-ups.  So always per that different amount of tiles matching will provide you lots of boosters. It is useful to enchase the performance and to win.

Have you ever thought of making your own football team and training them to play and win matches? If yes then your dream has come true as there is a game named as Top Eleven – you can play to complete this dream. There are a huge number of games – you can find as same, but it is one of the best in all of them.

Playing Top Eleven is really fun. The greatest thing about the game is – it is really good for killing your free hours. If you want something to play in your free time and enjoy then it is the best option that you can get. There are numerous things you have to keep in mind to help you boost your team.

  • Change players after every match

If you change players of the playing 11 after a match, then the other players will also get the chance to play and develop. This will help the team to get an overall development. Along with Top Eleven Cheats, the current players will get some time to rest and perform in the superlative approach when they are used to play.

  • Train them daily

As you know the finest manner to develop is to train hard. So it is same in the game as well you have to go the training menu and start the training. There are a lot of different ways of training – you can consider. You need to find the one that suits the requirements of your team and make sure develops them in the paramount means. Training will help them to develop faster. Along with this, it will also boost their performance in the game.

  • Complete challenges

One of the most important things the user has to do is complete all the challenges. The reason behind this is it will give you some exp points will help them develop easily and in a faster manner.



Episode – Choose your Story is a fascinating game in today’s world. It lets the player live the stories that as a teenager they imagine to do. These stories include all the drama, love, adventure and romance all in one. The best thing about Episode – Choose your Story is that it has more than 10000 stories to choose and play.

It is one the player that which one he or she chooses so that they can get the best experience while playing it. Another attractive thing that you will get while playing this game is that if you do not want to play a story, then you can create a story of your own and play it.

Objectives of Episode – Choose your Story

Playing Episode – Choose your Story is really easy and interesting. There are some tasks that you have to do in the game to move forward and keep playing it. You need t play the game according to the story that you have chosen. There are a lot of things that you have to do in the game.

  • The user needs to customize the avatar they have been given according to the requirements of the story. You need to make sure that the character is dressed properly. You can also design the outfit that you want for your character.
  • The next thing that you have to do is develop a relationship with the characters in the story. It is really important to have a relation. Now it’s on the user that the relations they make are rivals or lovers or friends. It is based on the situation that is created. This will help the user to gain interest in the game.
  • By using Episode Cheats and will have more currencies for free.
  • The decisions that you make will decide the fate and end of the game. The user can find a lot of different ending to the story by making different-different decisions. The fate of the character of the story depends on the choices made by the user. So make sure that you made the right decision.