Mind boggling fun with Episode choose your story

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Unique concept

The concept of this game is very interesting. You can enjoy Episode choose your story without paying anything on the initial stages. In-app purchases are also available there. You must have played many other games where you can play only fix stories and don’t have so many options.

But here in this game, you can be design your own character and story as well. The game allows you complete flexibility through which you can change every aspect of the game and make it very interesting for you.

Interesting things

–         The characters of ‘Episode choose your story’ are superb and you will hardly find anything more interesting than it.

–         In case you have less willingness to write your own story then you can also choose the best available story as per your taste.

–         There are more than seventy-five thousands stories available and you can enjoy it without any problem.

–         There are many characters and other stories available which are very popular.

–         You will hardly find such interesting characters and stories in any other game.

Write your own stories

–          You can take part in many lavish activities like falling in love and rising to fame etc.

–          There is no end of entertainment in Episode choose your story. The player is also allowed to take part in many other activities.

–          You can also be popular by writing interesting stories and making characters with great appearance.

It is quite possible that soon you may be getting very popular and lots of fans can come to like and join your story. You can also live the life of your favorite character and reach the top of the game. Episode Choose Your Story Cheats.