A huge number of games are available for fun, and youths are engaging in such games. In recent time My Story: Choose Your Own Path is a popular game. It is based on simulations based gameplay, and we will interact with various avatars. In which the players can pick different stories according to his mood like romance, comedy, and many more. For styling tools, we have to collect much amount of currency, and the game gives several ways to earn the currency, but before it, we should get the info about the role of currencies in it.

Major currencies of the game

The currency makes the gameplay easy and effective. In the game, you will see two main currencies, namely Diamonds and tickets. Both have different specifications but basically used for upgrading and styling many things of the game. The high amount of currency is beneficial to dominate the game and get the best outcomes in a short time. Now the players can read the details of both currencies in the below part of this article.


Diamonds are the prime currency of the game, and for long play, we have to concern about it. We can use such currency for opening many stories and enjoying more in it. The players can also get some styling accessories to ready the avatars. To earn the diamonds, we have to win in various events, and it is not one day task so active on it for a long time.


The tickets are for getting many chances to lead in the game. The players can enable many dating locations and places by spending numbers of tickets. The currency is a special factor to go on the success way, and it makes us more skilled in many situations.


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