Do you want to know more about Toon Blast?

Toon blast is somewhat like other games in the market. This is a maze game in which you’ve to make different combinations in order to complete a mission. This can be very easy for you to play for iphone such games when you’re a beginner but as you go deep into this game. You’ll come across many new things that can be complicated and this can give you a hard time.

So we’ve come up with a guide for you all and this will help you master this game easily. So let us get to it-

·         Try making combos from the bottom. Seek out for moves at the bottom and this will drop new cubes and you’ll get more chances to make more combos.

·         Thinking before making any particular move can help you a lot in this kind of puzzle game. You should seek out for the color you’re in need and this will help you a lot in the game.

·         Many times when you make a combo of 5 or more blocks reveal new powerful tool. This will save much of your time to clear tiles.                     

·         Double combos can level up your game at one time as this is the most powerful thing that you can use in this game to win easily. For instances, combining a rocket and a disco ball is much more powerful and it will add rocket at every block of the same color.

·         Getting to level 20 can give you a hard time but once you’ve successfully reached that level then it would be much easy for you to play the game. As it will unlock new features like joining a team and much more.

·         Pay attention to side quests and other main challenges and this will lead a better player out of you by playing such challenges and completing them.

Bottom Line

This game is a whole is a perfect pack of entertainment and perfect for developing minds of kids. This game can be played anywhere on your mobile phone. If you’re a beginner then you may be going through with Toon Blast Cheats help you a lot to grow easily. In the early stages of this game, you may be wondering about the level of this game. But these tips can take you a long way. I hope this guide is helpful for you all.