Have you ever thought of making your own football team and training them to play and win matches? If yes then your dream has come true as there is a game named as Top Eleven – you can play to complete this dream. There are a huge number of games – you can find as same, but it is one of the best in all of them.

Playing Top Eleven is really fun. The greatest thing about the game is – it is really good for killing your free hours. If you want something to play in your free time and enjoy then it is the best option that you can get. There are numerous things you have to keep in mind to help you boost your team.

  • Change players after every match

If you change players of the playing 11 after a match, then the other players will also get the chance to play and develop. This will help the team to get an overall development. Along with Top Eleven Cheats, the current players will get some time to rest and perform in the superlative approach when they are used to play.

  • Train them daily

As you know the finest manner to develop is to train hard. So it is same in the game as well you have to go the training menu and start the training. There are a lot of different ways of training – you can consider. You need to find the one that suits the requirements of your team and make sure develops them in the paramount means. Training will help them to develop faster. Along with this, it will also boost their performance in the game.

  • Complete challenges

One of the most important things the user has to do is complete all the challenges. The reason behind this is it will give you some exp points will help them develop easily and in a faster manner.



Episode – Choose your Story is a fascinating game in today’s world. It lets the player live the stories that as a teenager they imagine to do. These stories include all the drama, love, adventure and romance all in one. The best thing about Episode – Choose your Story is that it has more than 10000 stories to choose and play.

It is one the player that which one he or she chooses so that they can get the best experience while playing it. Another attractive thing that you will get while playing this game is that if you do not want to play a story, then you can create a story of your own and play it.

Objectives of Episode – Choose your Story

Playing Episode – Choose your Story is really easy and interesting. There are some tasks that you have to do in the game to move forward and keep playing it. You need t play the game according to the story that you have chosen. There are a lot of things that you have to do in the game.

  • The user needs to customize the avatar they have been given according to the requirements of the story. You need to make sure that the character is dressed properly. You can also design the outfit that you want for your character.
  • The next thing that you have to do is develop a relationship with the characters in the story. It is really important to have a relation. Now it’s on the user that the relations they make are rivals or lovers or friends. It is based on the situation that is created. This will help the user to gain interest in the game.
  • By using Episode Cheats and will have more currencies for free.
  • The decisions that you make will decide the fate and end of the game. The user can find a lot of different ending to the story by making different-different decisions. The fate of the character of the story depends on the choices made by the user. So make sure that you made the right decision.


Treadmills are easy to use by the people because of the comfort. There are many benefits of the great machine. Today most of the people are doing the exercises to become more attractive. Here we are going to give some tips for purchasing the treadmill machine. When you spend more time with the machine, you will definitely get the result. There are many designs or sizes available for the users with best treadmill under 300. The quality of the product is really good and makes it good. There we have a motor in the treadmill and brands of the machine. We have the two types of the treadmill machines first come with the motor and second have no motor to start.


Basically, the speeds of the treadmill are in the range of the 10 to 12 mile per hour, and it gives the faster speed. If a person is a sprinter, then he should choose the machine. The fitness takes a long time to achieve it. We can take the help of the speed mode by the screen and see by the eyes in the best treadmill under 300. When people get any problem during the workout, he can take the gap by the slow speed mode.


There are some treadmills that offer the same features the facilities that they are providing is the bell. The bell has an important role in the machine for us and it comes in the best treadmill under 300. The bells or whistles are similar to the sound systems. There we have the magazine reading rack or graphical monitor. And water bottle holders for the integration. The design is for the different things.

Weight capacity

If you are a sports lover or do the regular exercise then and looking for the treadmill then should check the weight. There are some treadmills that have the ability to handle the low to heavyweight. The limit of the weight is fixed for the users. So that, we have many option.

Nowadays games play an essential role in every player’s life. The main motive of the games is to utilize the person’s spare time easily by playing the game regularly. Well, if you are looking for the best online multiplayer action game then you must try pixel gun 3D once. It provides you the best gaming experience among all other games worldwide.

Pixel Gun 3D is the best game which provides you various types of missions and events to play the game without getting bored. Users are free to choose any mode which they want to play. There are almost Three Types of modes in the game that are multiplayer mode cooperative mode and the last but not the least is Battle Royale mode.

Value of in-game currency

The game contains various types of In-game currency in it which is used almost in all activities which are performed in the game. The currency is mainly used in buying and upgrading various types of weapons tools and equipments. In the game the given below are two types of currency about which every player should know –

  • Gems – it is the premium currency in the game which is used to buy and upgrade various types of weapons, equipments, tools and many other important things. It is crucial for the users to earn a good amount of gems in order to play the game properly without facing many complications but you by using Pixel Gun 3d Hack.
  • Coins – coins are also superior currency in the game. These play a more important role in Pixel Gun 3D. These are earned by completing more number of missions and events in the game. The coins are used to unlock various types of powerful and unique weapons.

Use the In-game currency properly

It means that users need to spend their earned money only on more useful things like on buying and upgrading of various weapons. By doing the same process it helps them to save their money and use it in the future.



3D games are becoming more popular, and there is nothing more challenging than playing the current Adventure games on your device.  This game is also the best source to kill your boring hours via playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood. It is also an outstanding source to increase your real life skills. Here you can make own avatar with lots of fashionable things. For playing the game, internet connection is required means without a data connection you are not able to play the game. If you are looking for a best platform to make a new relation and chat with friends then must download it.

Uses of Currencies-

Nowadays every game is launched with their virtual currencies to purchase the resources. As per in the Kim Kardashian Hollywood also various kinds of currencies are available. In it, you are able to do many activities via help of Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats. If you want to get complete detail about those activities, then read the article.

  1. Update-

The updates are useful things to spend currencies. In the game, several kinds of things are available for upgrade. You can update the avatar skills and dress up via the help of update. When you give a unique look to an avatar at that time, you will receive a certain amount of points. These points are useful to boost the level and unlock some things.

  1. Purchase-

It is also a most important work where currencies play an essential role. With the help of currencies, you can purchase the recourses and dress up. It means if you want to buy any excellent things and give a unique look to avatar then currencies are required.

  1. Events-

If you are a beginner and want to take part in events, then currencies are helpful. Each event has a different amount of entry fees for taking entry. These events are also a best source to earn some currencies. In the events, many mini-missions are available so as per you complete the missions with them some amount of coins are credited in your account.

  1. Make own Stars-

In the game, you are applicable to make own avatar. For making the own stars with fabulous look currency is must require. We need some unique things, and these things are purchasable from real and virtual currencies. As per in the game many kinds of activities are available which are not done without Currencies.



Design Home is the brand new simulation game. It is created by crowdstar. It is the best game for those who like home decorating and interiors decorating. In it, you have to buy the decorating materials according to your own choice to decorate your home. It is available for Android and IOS users. If you want to do the perfect house decorating, then you must stay within your budget and spent the in-game currency wisely. The game also helps in real life experiences as by playing it on a regular basis you get the different ideas about home decorating.


Tips and Strategies


  • Spend the Currency Wisely

It means you should spend the in-game currency more wisely and efficiently so by getting Design Home Cheats . You should use the currency that earned by playing the game in an important and good home decorating stuff. You must purchase the most necessary things at one time as it helps in saving your earnings. The in-game currency is of three types namely:


  • Diamonds
  • Dollars
  • Keys


  • Remember the Theme

It is the best way to decorate your house more beautiful. The design challenges in the game have their primary theme. If you want to create something modern, new and impressive, then you must keep the theme in the mind while decorating the house. You should do less use of heavy leather items to make the best house designs. To earn more rewards and in-game currency in the game it is very important to avoid fancy looking items.


  • Play Design Home on Regular Basis

In this, you get the keys and rewards by playing the game more and more times as possible. It is not that much easy as in starting to earn the in-game currency. You also earn the rewards or currency by login the game daily.

Majority of parents are considering the way of strollers for providing comfort to the child. These types of products are manufactured by different types of companies. With it, there is a huge variety of strollers available in the market. Travel strollers are one of these. These specific ones are highly beneficial to parents when they are on a journey. On the other hand, some individuals do not understand its importance and deny using these things.

The best travel stroller is including different types of features. Services from these types of features are highly beneficial in making things easier and providing a good comfort level. Use of stroller is helpful in providing a better experience to babies as well as parents. Following are some features of the best product.

Reasonable price

As we know that, the market includes numerous options related to the travel strollers and all types of strollers are not offering similar kind of services. With all these things, the factor of price is affecting a lot. The best product is tagged at a reasonable price. The price of a product should be suggested or fixed on the basis of its features.

Material quality

Best strollers are manufactured only with the help of high-quality material. In producing a travel stroller, there are different types of things used by companies. Mainly the material types are –

  • Plastic
  • Fabric
  • Foam

Plastic or other related material is used for manufacturing the basic structure of a stroller. With the help of fabric, companies are preparing a cover for the stroller and try to avoid hardness. Foam is added in the hard corners and in the sensitive areas for increasing the level of comfort. A high-quality travel stroller is produced by adding all these things properly.

Light in weight

The weight of travel strollers is playing an important role. Mainly these types of strollers are considered by parents for a journey by which they can keep baby comfortably. In case the weight of these types of strollers is more than it is not easy to carry or taking help from strollers.

As a result, the parents are not able to enjoy the journey and face lots of issues due to heavyweight. It is the biggest reason by which the buyers are searching for the lightly weighted travel strollers. With these things, there are numerous other features available in the best product.

The games are the best part to avoid stress and tiredness. So today we talk about the action best game to avoid the stress. The name of the game is Battlelands Royale, and popular studio Futureplay develops it. The IOS and Android both devices support this game, but some items are purchasable.  Several types of weapons are available which make the game fantastic. You can create own character and give it many weapons. The company organizes many types of battles and events. The social sites are the best way to play with friends.

Supply drops-

In the game supply drops and Battlelands Royale Cheats are the best ways to earn free currencies and things. It is not easy to collect the supply drop in the game. So today we talk about how to get the supply drops. You can obtain the shields in the first few minutes at the bottom of the screen. After collecting the bottom find the best rifle for you. Then go close to the supply box. Near the supply box, many enemies are available. It means they cover the box from all sides.

All enemies kill each other after the fight only one player will escape. Then you target him and grab the loot. So it is the best way to achieve the supply box in the most comfortable way. If you want to achieve the supply box, then follow that rule.

Shooting skill-

The shootings skill is the best skill required in the game. In the starting of the game, it is not a shooting game. If you want to increase the numbers of kills, then find into the battlefield. If you want to do that, then avoid all activity. You can also find the best weapons at the time of surviving. So it is the best way to collect the guns. After receiving the weapons and shield, you go into the safe zone silently and cover yourself with grass. If you want to improve your shooting skill, then go into the Battelands and kill the enemies. It is also the best way to collect the weapons.


There is no doubt that Dinosaurs were amazing creatures and you must have seen them in the movies. Now you can also enjoy the gaming where they will be available and you can control them at your fingertips. We are talking about Jurassic World Alive game that you can enjoy on your gaming device without any hassle and have more fun and entertainment.

Great presentation

The graphics and other features are superb and you will love the controlling system. Many new equipment and gadgets are presented in a very nice way that you can enjoy without any hassle. Different types of dinosaurs are there to have a new experience. You will be amazed to know the fact that you can also invent new bread in the lab.

Nice features

The background and other things are so nice that you will certainly fall in love with them. You will be amazed to see the concept of Jurassic World Alive. In this game, you are responsible for the searching of the dinosaurs which are escaped from their island. Now you have to find them save their life. The player will be in the role of a member of the Dinosaur Protection Group.

How to succeed in gameplay

In order to get more success in the game, you are responsible for finding the rare collection of the powerful breed and have more fun. You can also take the help of a drone and find them without any mistake. In the lab, the player is also allowed to search for a new type of creatures. In order to keep everything more interesting new type of breed are also introduced. They are also unique and have some great powers. It is your duty to search the new types of DNA and do some experiments to find the unique dinosaurs.

Win battles

There is a strike team of dinosaurs and you have to take part in the battles to get the desired results. You can also enjoy this particular game in the real-time player vs. player arenas. There are many types of rewards that you can win in the battles. Most important things that you can do are collect the in-game currency by getting Jurassic World Alive Hack. You should also pay focus towards earning the more battery life for the drone because it will be very helpful when you will on the search of the new types of dinosaurs.

Collect more dinosaurs

You will be able to enjoy a huge collection of dinosaurs. This will remind you the famous movie and you will be mesmerized when you will see them moving like real creatures in Jurassic World Alive.



FIFA Mobile – Learn How To Play The Game With Perfection!

FIFA Mobile is a soccer-based video game that you can play on your mobile devices. It is a popular game that is released by EA mobile for Android, iOS, and other gaming platforms. The game can be played individually and also by teaming up with friends. The game is simple and easy to play so beginners don’t need to learn more. They just need to understand the basics and it can help them to get enough knowledge about the right techniques to play. With the help of this, they can also learn how to control their character in the game.

Well, the game is all about playing matches, earning resources, building up a team and also includes many other aspects. Before going to get started, players should check out all the features as well as various gameplay elements. In this way, they can make their task easier and simple to play the game.

 Getting started

Are you new to FIFA Mobile? If yes then you have to learn all about the game in order to make progress faster. If you don’t know what to do in the game then you have to face lots of issues. The thing that you should do is to take help from the tutorial in order to understand the techniques to play and also to do some other tasks related to the game. The most amazing thing is that you can also grab the sufficient number of coins by completing the tutorial.

With the help of this, they can get assistance to tackle all the issues related to the game. By spending these coins, they can buy the new players for their teams to perform better in the game. It will also help you to improve the performance in the game.

Let’s know about currencies

The currencies have a great importance in the game so it is important to keep some important things in mind. There are two main currencies present that are named as coins as well as points. All these currencies have a significant role and you also need to understand it. well, coins can be earned in numerous ways, you can earn the coins by completing the tutorial, playing the matches by playing lots of matches or by using Fifa Mobile 2018 cheats, players can earn a large number of coins.  it is important for the players to perform better in the game because they can earn coins as according to their performance.

 Points are called as the premium currency of the game that players can earn by playing matches. You can also acquire them from the game store by spending your real life money.  With the help of this currency, players can also buy various kinds of in-game items from the store. In this way, they can also make improvements in the game with ease. 

A few tips for beginners

If you are a beginner and don’t have an idea how to get progress then there are lots of tips that you can follow.  Some of the beneficial tips for beginners are as follow:

•         It is important for the beginners to spend the currency smartly in the game. With the help of this, you can get rid of all the issues related to currencies.

•         Beginners also need to choose the best players for their team to make it strong. It can help also help them to perform better in the game.

•         By focusing more on the game, you can improve your performance and it can also help you to win. It will also give you different rewards in the form of in-game currencies.

•         You also need to make strategies in order to dominate the opponent team. You can also learn some tips to win the matches.

•         There are many daily challenges and tasks that can help you to earn in-game resources. With the help of this, you can load your game account.  

•         You can also consider the option of tutorial mode to earn sufficient currencies and also to learn all about the gameplay and features.

Hope, all these tips can help you out to boost your progress speed in the game. It can also help you to have an ultimate game experience.