Is anyone looking for a new game? If yes then you can try the MovieStarPlanet. The game is based on the life of movie stars, and you will also get the stardom. It is compatible with the android, web browser and IOS. Each component of the game is well designed, and the makers give many efforts for visual graphics. When we talk about the storyline, then many things comes in our mind, so we have to get all the knowledge about them. The game is not complete with currency and resources because these are leading part of it. For better playing experience you can go with MovieStarPlanet Hack. Such a hack is a quick and safe way of collecting a high amount of currency.

The game has no any big mission because it is the life of your role model.  The players have one Avatar model, and on it, we will do many tasks. We can also style it with the latest fashions, and for that, we have to go with Starcoins, diamonds and VIP memberships as currencies.


It is the prime currency of the game, and it makes your purchasing simple. Starcoins are used for buying many things like clothing, animations, items, pets, and many more things. The players can get around 10 Starcoins by watching the movies of the stars. Your pet is beneficial for you and gets the 1 to 5 coins, but it depends on the health of your pet.


Diamonds are also good for us for leveling up in the game. We can grab it by spending time on the competitions. In the game, one wheel is available for us and spins the wheel for getting the currency. The fame wheel is also giving a high amount of diamonds.

VIP membership

The VIP membership is beneficial for us and in the game around 12 VIP packages are placed. They are mainly in three types namely Normal VIP, Elite VIP, and Star VIP.  We have to know all about before use them, and anyone can get free currency by MovieStarPlanet Hack.