No doubt, puzzle games are quite addictive, but the developer of Toon Blast put the feature called Lives in the game for making it easy to play. Well, every player will get 5 or 3 lives in one time when a player starts playing after some specific time. Basically, when a player gets to engage with the game called Toon Blast, then you just need to use lives for playing different kinds of levels. By using the Toon Blast Cheats, smart players are able to acquire the desired amount of currency and save money. Now I am going explain the great ways to get the lives so this would be really supportive for you.

Receive lives in the game

Players can easily receive the lives in the game. It is possible with the friends. Therefore, before taking any step, you should simply attach with the social networking account with the game. Consequently, you are able to receive the lives from the friends that you have attached in the game. In addition to this, people don’t need to spend money on their lives because now they have a feature. Before requesting for the life, don’t forget to check out the online option that they are online or offline. Try to request only those friends who are already online. Players can also be sure that they should help any teammate that request lives that would be best.

Where to use the coins?

If any of your friends are not online yet, then don’t get upset. You just use 100 coins that can be useful for refill the lives to five. Not only this, players can spend money on the coins that can be earned in the game. Nevertheless, there are different kinds of ways to buy more and more lives. Even by opening the Toon Chest you can easily grab 10 levels that you pass. Even you can also open star chest for earning 20 stars on level played. However, if you can wait for new free lives then be patience for at least 20 minutes so you will get 1 live.