Huuuge Casino Slots comes with different kinds of currencies such as diamonds and chips. If we talk about the use of the chips, then they are really useful for playing the different casino games. Therefore, now you are able to play the game, then you will try the slot machine that would be really supportive for you. Even rewards are available that will gives the opportunity to earn some diamonds as well as the chips for you. Instead of this, if you are puzzled that Huuuge casino how to enter cheat codes, then you can read the reviews at different online sources.  In this article, you will read some of the most vital aspects related to the game.

Get more free chips, Tickets and other bonus rewards

There are lots of things which are possible to check out before using the currencies, so get ready to play the game perfectly because it’s a matter of money.

  1. Free ship bonus that you can easily collect every 8 hours in the game which you can use anytime in the game.
  2. Even you will get extra chips that can be earned by completing different daily missions.
  3. You can also get the free chips from the lobby bonus every 15 minutes and better the ticket and more chance to grab the tickets from the puzzle pieces.
  4. If you are remember to claim the free chips, then you can easily hits a jackpot or buy something in the game.
  5. You may also give other players chips using the diamonds even you can also ask this currency from the friends.
  6. Members of the club will also get the huge amount of chips at the end of the league season.

Well, we have covered all the great features and other tips and tricks to play earn the free ticks and other important currencies. Nevertheless, as a club member that you will get in bonus when you buy the chips. You will definitely like this game that would be best for you can easily spend some time.


A new generation is passionate about mobile games and the best game for casual play is My Home – Design Dreams. The game is all about renovations of the home, and it gives the chance to beat the many kinds of challenging puzzles. We can unlock many kinds of things to play safely in each task of it. Invite your friends to play with you and the players can also borrow some amount of currency by friends. The high amount of currency is quickly grabbing by checkout on the My Home Hack. To lead in the game, we have to learn about it, and in this article, we are sharing some suggestions.

Select the right furniture

Lots of furniture is available in the free, but some of them are purchasing with currency. So the players have to select the right one for room space. Try to skip the costly furniture and find some exciting designs for your room.

Finish the challenging levels

Along with decorating you need to active on the match 3 puzzles. Various challenging levels are present in the game, and for leveling up, we have to finish each level quickly. Collect more actions to renovate and expand the home.

Spend currency wisely

Acquiring the currency is an unavoidable factor, and we have to make many efforts for it. The user must invest the currency smartly and increase the amount of currency with the use of My Home Hack.



Pop Slots is a casino game created by PlayStudios which is for IOS and Android platforms. Players simply have to download the game from their game stores and also they get it by downloading its apk. Another classic thing about the game is that gamers get all types of casino based games, mini-games or you can say pokies games in it. Players have to play more and more pokies and mini-games in it to go far.

There are lots of classic events, objectives, and challenges present in the game which gamers need to complete to earn currency in Pop Slots. One of the main things which players need to know is that they are free to use of hack as well as cheats option in it. With these two options, one can easily get all things in the game so that they can easily play the game properly without facing any difficulty.

How to level up in the game?

Players have to know that they, in order to get the best experience from the game players, have to complete more numbers of levels in the game. If they complete more numbers of events, objectives, and challenges in the game, then they easily get currency in the game in good amount and also all other things present in the game which players use to ahead in the game. Another thing is that gamers need to know what essential things and tasks they have to complete in Pop Slots. Pop Slots Review helps you in getting all the information about the same game.

Save your credits

One another main thing which people need to know is that gamers need to pay attention to the credits. Another thing is that gamers need to complete all pokies games and mini-games in the game to earn a good amount of credits in the game. If you play the by using cheats and hack option, then they easily go ahead in the game without facing a problem in it. There are lots of things present in the game which players need to know and then start playing the game inappropriate manner.


A huge number of games are available for fun, and youths are engaging in such games. In recent time My Story: Choose Your Own Path is a popular game. It is based on simulations based gameplay, and we will interact with various avatars. In which the players can pick different stories according to his mood like romance, comedy, and many more. For styling tools, we have to collect much amount of currency, and the game gives several ways to earn the currency, but before it, we should get the info about the role of currencies in it.

Major currencies of the game

The currency makes the gameplay easy and effective. In the game, you will see two main currencies, namely Diamonds and tickets. Both have different specifications but basically used for upgrading and styling many things of the game. The high amount of currency is beneficial to dominate the game and get the best outcomes in a short time. Now the players can read the details of both currencies in the below part of this article.


Diamonds are the prime currency of the game, and for long play, we have to concern about it. We can use such currency for opening many stories and enjoying more in it. The players can also get some styling accessories to ready the avatars. To earn the diamonds, we have to win in various events, and it is not one day task so active on it for a long time.


The tickets are for getting many chances to lead in the game. The players can enable many dating locations and places by spending numbers of tickets. The currency is a special factor to go on the success way, and it makes us more skilled in many situations.


5 Well Known Modes of Marvel Strike Force

We can relax the mind with many games, but nowadays one of the top viral games is Marvel Strike Force. The game is all about fights and achievements. In which you will see superheroes like Hulk, iron man, Captain America, and many more famous characters. They come with different qualities and powers, and we can upgrade them with some cheats like Marvel Strike Force Cheats. It is best for collecting many beneficial items.

Real adventure comes with many aspects of the game so that we spend much time on it. In the storyline, the players deal with various combats. It comes with several playing modes, and we are sharing such modes for you.


It is a vital mode of the storyline, and the players have to collect much amount of currency. The players can reply about such challenges within the 24 hours. They are a pack of difficult levels, and such are giving a better amount of rewards.


The players have to use enough amounts of campaign energy points. Different superheroes and villains are required for it. For that, we have to unlock many kinds of new characters, and for surviving long, we have to collect much amount of currency.


It is the best mode for battles and in which you have to collect the top five superheroes. The players should set defending and attacking team on the high positions. The game gives many kinds of chances for acquiring a certain amount of resources.


Rewards are making the battles effortless and in which you go through some kinds of quests. They are giving us the right knowledge for playing long.  The players can open new gadgets with the help of it.

Alliance Raids

The players can raid on enemies’ locations, and for that, you have to member of the alliance. For that, we have to spend much on quest options. If you want to get free currency, then you can step ahead for Marvel Strike Force Cheats.



Before going to introduce with all main types of in-game currency in Hopeless Land, one should know each thing about Hopeless Land. It is an action game which was developed short time ago by HERO Game. The size of the game is 55 MB at Play Store and a little bit more at App Store. It is for both IOS and Android platforms at free of cost.

It also includes lots of classic and exciting features in it. These features make the same game stunning among all other action games. One of the best features in the game which plays an important role is in-app purchases feature. With the help of it, players simply buy anything in the game which is present by using their real-life money.

3 types of currency in Hopeless Land

Here you are going to meet with the 3 types of in-game currency which is present in Hopeless Land. Learning about the currency is very necessary for the gamers as to make good progress in Hopeless Land. So, below are the main 3 types of currency present and gamers have to know about all these types –

  1. Diamonds
  2. Coins
  3. Gold

So, these are the main 3 types of in-game currency in Hopeless Land and players have to earn all these types of currency in large amount as to go far in Hopeless Land. Now the major question that arises is that how players can earn currency in the game in all 3 types? So, there are numerous methods by which players earn currency in Hopeless Land and below are some main methods given –

  • Players of Hopeless Land simply earn currency in the game by completing all objectives, by playing and completing events and also by accomplishing all challenges.
  • Another way to earn coins, gold and diamonds in the game is by connecting the game with your Facebook account.
  • Players also make use of the Hopeless Land Cheats 2019 to get currency in all types and in unlimited amount also.

Therefore, these are the best and top-class methods by which every single player of Hopeless Land get currency in sufficient amount.


Are you looking for a different type of game? If yes then you can go with SimCity BuildIt. The game will provide enjoyable parts and in which you are completing your imaginations by making the city. The game is a full packet of adventures, and the players will go through many kinds of tasks. The gameplay is easy for everyone, but for playing well, we have to know all the rules and components. It is free for everyone, and we can easily download such game by the Google store or official game website.

The game consists of many kinds of things, and they are effective for surviving long in it. Millions of players are daily activities in such game, and here we are sharing some points that help you for playing.

Complete your dream city

Let start the game by making the city, and the game gives various tools for completes it. The users can build their own city and expand their creative powers. Various landmarks, buildings, parks and many more elegant objects are placed in it.

Chat and compete

The players can chat with anyone, but for that, he needs to give some requests. You can easily explore in chat rooms.  Lots of rivals are present for competing, and they all are ready for it. We should be well skilled in it.

Battles for victory

There are lots of battles, and such are for defeating the rivals. The city has some kinds of ranking, and everyone wants to top their city so that battles are going on. It makes the storyline amazing, and you will participate in combats.

Build a team

A deadly team is requiring for playing well, and for that, we can build a team. Social login is the best way for inviting new members. All the team members have to proficient for surviving long in battle modes.


4 Vital Things We Should Know Before Going to Play In Zombs Royale

Shooting game is the first choice of many players, and Zombs Royale is one of the top trending games. It is an open battle game and in which you will kill the numbers of enemies. The game is developed by the American studio End game, and it is for android and IOS.  Anyone can play it online, and for it, we have to go with a web portal. The players can select any kind of modes of playing and in which the leading currencies are coins and gems. If you are radical for such currency, then you can go with Zombs royale hacks, and such hacks are safe for collecting much amount of currency. The game consists of many kinds of parts, so we have to know about all of them.

Different playing modes

The game comes with various modes like solo, duo, squad and you can start the game with sole one. In which you can play with 99 other players and survive long in the missions. Duo mode is for play with a friend, and the players can build his squad for shooting the rivals.

Customize the characters

We can customize about 1000 characters and unlock a new one by the currency. Many things are free for us, but some of them are purchasable with currency.  Some new guns are also present for the hero, so we equip with it.


It is for our achievements and rewards. The players can see their positions against the millions of players. The leaderboards are enhancing our confidence, and we are preparing for more challenging battles. You can climb up high on it with the number of rewards.

Rewards and currency

Currency and rewards are leading part of the game, and two significant currencies are used coins and gems. The players have to focus on earning currency and for an effortless way for currency he can use Zombs royale hacks.



Is anyone looking for a new game? If yes then you can try the MovieStarPlanet. The game is based on the life of movie stars, and you will also get the stardom. It is compatible with the android, web browser and IOS. Each component of the game is well designed, and the makers give many efforts for visual graphics. When we talk about the storyline, then many things comes in our mind, so we have to get all the knowledge about them. The game is not complete with currency and resources because these are leading part of it. For better playing experience you can go with MovieStarPlanet Hack. Such a hack is a quick and safe way of collecting a high amount of currency.

The game has no any big mission because it is the life of your role model.  The players have one Avatar model, and on it, we will do many tasks. We can also style it with the latest fashions, and for that, we have to go with Starcoins, diamonds and VIP memberships as currencies.


It is the prime currency of the game, and it makes your purchasing simple. Starcoins are used for buying many things like clothing, animations, items, pets, and many more things. The players can get around 10 Starcoins by watching the movies of the stars. Your pet is beneficial for you and gets the 1 to 5 coins, but it depends on the health of your pet.


Diamonds are also good for us for leveling up in the game. We can grab it by spending time on the competitions. In the game, one wheel is available for us and spins the wheel for getting the currency. The fame wheel is also giving a high amount of diamonds.

VIP membership

The VIP membership is beneficial for us and in the game around 12 VIP packages are placed. They are mainly in three types namely Normal VIP, Elite VIP, and Star VIP.  We have to know all about before use them, and anyone can get free currency by MovieStarPlanet Hack.  


No doubt, puzzle games are quite addictive, but the developer of Toon Blast put the feature called Lives in the game for making it easy to play. Well, every player will get 5 or 3 lives in one time when a player starts playing after some specific time. Basically, when a player gets to engage with the game called Toon Blast, then you just need to use lives for playing different kinds of levels. By using the Toon Blast Cheats, smart players are able to acquire the desired amount of currency and save money. Now I am going explain the great ways to get the lives so this would be really supportive for you.

Receive lives in the game

Players can easily receive the lives in the game. It is possible with the friends. Therefore, before taking any step, you should simply attach with the social networking account with the game. Consequently, you are able to receive the lives from the friends that you have attached in the game. In addition to this, people don’t need to spend money on their lives because now they have a feature. Before requesting for the life, don’t forget to check out the online option that they are online or offline. Try to request only those friends who are already online. Players can also be sure that they should help any teammate that request lives that would be best.

Where to use the coins?

If any of your friends are not online yet, then don’t get upset. You just use 100 coins that can be useful for refill the lives to five. Not only this, players can spend money on the coins that can be earned in the game. Nevertheless, there are different kinds of ways to buy more and more lives. Even by opening the Toon Chest you can easily grab 10 levels that you pass. Even you can also open star chest for earning 20 stars on level played. However, if you can wait for new free lives then be patience for at least 20 minutes so you will get 1 live.